Friday, April 10, 2009

Writing is the flip side of sex – it's good only when it's over.*

So what, exactly, happened to all my creative juice?

I started this blog, and I've had nothing to say about anything since. I've watched lots of things, including Buffy (again), the Lost Boys (again, and it made me want to do a real-time review), Let The Right One In (for the first time), Showgirls (again, for the umpteenth time, and I really, REALLY want to do a real-time review of that, because it would be so. Much. Fun.), Heathers (which I hadn't watched in a long time, and forgot how much awesome it actually contains), that animated Wonder Woman origins movie, Pinocchio (for the first time in probably 25 years), Drop Dead Gorgeous (Kirstie Alley and Denise Richards are hilarious in that movie), started Firefly again... well, you get the idea. So why is it that I have nothing to say, nothing to write?

It's not like I never have thinks to say (ha! That was kind of a Freudian slip of sorts, but I let it stand, because it's an apt description). I often think of profound subjects to write about, of deep philosophical ideas generated by an episode of Dollhouse (oh, shut it) or an umpteenth viewing of any given season of Buffy. Sometimes I see things online, or advertisements, that make me crazy. This morning on my commute to work I was listening to the classical music station, and they played an advertisement for that Broadway thing, Rock of Ages, in which a review was quoted that said something like "even straight guys will like it!" and I was like, Really? Are we going there? Is that acceptable, somehow? Reinforcing that stereotype of musicals and women and gay men? I had an entire conversation with myself in the car, and I made some excellent points, none of which I can now recall to write about.

Well, now I'm thoroughly disgusted with myself. Clearly I need a scolding. That's it! This weekend. I am doing it. I am sitting down and I am watching something - anything - and I am writing about it. I don't care how much homework I have, or how much time my family or friends want to spend with me, I am fitting it in.

There, I feel better now. Off to more Firefly, then dinner at Sister's house!

* that title is a quote I found from Hunter S. Thompson. I gotta read some of that guy's stuff.


Optimus Rhyme said...

I just saw Drop Dead Gorgeous for the First Time!
(Local Pajiban owns it)
I should write more too. My blog always feels neglected. But I feel like I only write when I'm feeling down or stressed. As it is, I'm too content for any inspiration.
Maybe the videos will change this. I just need somewhere private in this house where I can take them. And of course something to say. And a voice changer so I don't hate how I sound.

Lucas said...

If you're talking to yourself in the car about how much a commercial is the devil, you're being creative. If your creativity happens not to be accessibly productive at the moment, don't worry, it'll shift there eventually.

In the meantime, try this:
I'll write about it soon, but I think you could use it now.

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Optimus, everybody hates how they sound. You'll get used to it! It's always so weird to hear yourself. I actually sound like a cartoon or a Muppet. Also, I have a Lisa Simpson laugh sometimes.

Lucas, I have no idea how, but I got to level 38 (I only stopped 'cause I have lots of stuff to do today). At first I thought I was supposed to shoot all those little things, or catch them, and I just kept piling up the misses. That thing is crazy! Also, I frequently have chats with myself in the car. I'm quite the conversationalist. Maybe I should bring along a voice recorder. then, I'll hae those thoughts recorded for later transciption. And I'm sure I won't look nuts at all. Or, y'know, more nuts.

Also, I use the word "also" entirely too much.

Lucas said...

"Also" is a worthwhile word. It's more versatile and less confusing than "too," and it just sounds good.

You've already signed and dated your sanity waiver by admitting publicly that you frequently hold conversations with yourself, so a voice recorder's not going to hurt your reputation any.

Oh, and I've sent you a welcome packet in the mail. Congratulations on your admission to crazy crazy CRAZY.

Lainey said...

So, lovely, did you decide on a topic to write about? (How about writing about ending sentences with prepositions when you know full well not to? Oh look, I did it again!)

I would love to read your real-time review of Drop Dead Gorgeous! "Jesus loves winners!"

PS: I have many car conversations. I am fucking BRILLIANT in the car. In the rest of life? Yeah, not so much.

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Oh, I'm a fecking genius in the car, Lainey.

I actually started a real-time of The Lost Boys last night, but it was late and I fell asleep like halfway through. But, I don't have class tomorrow night, so maybe I'll be able to finish it then!
At least I did actually start something, instead of ignoring it altogether.