Monday, June 1, 2009

Has it been a month already? Hm.

Well, once again, I have not updated this here blog thingy. I blame lots of things, but in reality, it's just laziness.

Well, that's not altogether true. I mean, I work full time, and I go to school part time, and I keep having things to do on weekends lately, so, there's that... My first summer class started last Tuesday night. Media & Society. It's a great class, love the prof, she's very passionate about it. That always makes for a good class. The only problem is, it goes from 8 to 10 at night, four nights a week, for four weeks. The text has 15 chapters, so last week was the easy week, with three. Here on out, there'll be four. First test is tonight, and there'll be a 10 page paper due at the end of it (though it is a super structured type of deal, so it shouldn't be too difficult). Boy, was I beat this weekend. Plus I had to babysit my niece and nephew while my sisters were moving, and oh my, do they have a lot of energy.

Still haven't finished that real-time review of Lost Boys. I doubt that I will until this class is done. So that means another month will go by. But, whatev, it's fine, right? I mean, who wants to write anyway? Oh... wait.... Damn! Well, one day when I get to it. I also picked up Brick and The Brown Bunny, so maybe eventually I'll watch those and review them or something. And I Know Who Killed Me. Starring Lindsay Lohan. Because clearly, I hate myself and want me to suffer. Repeatedly. (Although, since I already own Gigli, Glitter, and Showgirls, I guess we pretty much knew that, huh?)

Well, try not to miss me too much in the meanwhile. Time to go back to work (my lunch break is almost done) and try to find some YouTube video of Sacha Baron Cohen teabagging Eminem. Because who doesn't want to see that?


Lainey said...

Gigli, Glitter, and Showgirls, AND I Know Who Killed Me?I don't understand. Did you lose a bet? Did you get the White Elephant gift in a raffle? Did someone dump them in your car one day while you were at the grocery store? You didn't buy them, did you? Wait, you bought them, but only because the money was being donated to a charity that saves unicorns or puppies, right? Unipuppies! Riiiight?

Optimus Rhyme said...

I am really tempted to buy another copy of Brick after I lost mine. I have cravings for it and I used to watch it when I was wickedly hung over. Love It

Mr. Controversy said...

Finally saw Repo, and I have to say it was quite fun. Not the best film in the world, granted, but it was still pretty entertaining. (I blame my Anthony Stewart Head bias. I want to grow up to be him one day.)

And is it just me, or was that the easiest paycheck for Paris Hilton since The Simple Life? She just had to play herself, and even some of her costumes were her own clothes. Not a big stretch.

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Yeah, unipuppies.. that's totally why I bought...

No. I just enjoy really bad, godawful, horrible movies. I also enjoy inflicting them on others and it helps if you have them handy.

I am super excited to have Brick, though, and other good movies in my collection too! Maybe I can watch some of them this weekend to console me for probably not making it to Bacon East tonight. *sigh* Oh, that's right, no, I have to write a 2-page paper that's due Monday, work on my 10-page research paper that's due in 2 weeks, read 4 chapters of the text and study three of them for an exam on Monday. This summer class is kicking my ass. Which means not only can I not go to Bacon East, but I probably won't be leaving my bedroom for the weekend, except to go to the BBQ tomorrow that is preventing me from going to the Roots Picnic. Stupid timing. Stupid universe.

I'm totally going to watch Repo again, by the way. I didn't dislike it, I was just a little bit disappointed for what could have been. But now that I know, I can watch it again with my lowered expectations and enjoy it more. And, yeah, I didn't even hate Paris! Crazy! Probably not until summer classes are done, though. Seriously. Kicking my ass.