Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A whole day without whining? What will I do with myself?

Well, thanks to one Ms. Lainey Bobainey, today has been designated "No Whining Wednesday". The idea is, instead of spending yet another day whining about everything that's wrong with the world, today, we will find positive things to say, and be glad for what's right.

Here's my first positive thing of the day (well, besides the fact that I managed to drive to work without screaming my fool head off at everybody on the road, which, by the way, I should do more often, because it was super nice to get to work and not have a headache already): instead of griping about the project my boss came in and handed me, I am going to be glad to do that project. I have a good job, with a company that gives a crap about its employees. I have loads of time off, if I call out sick I'm not made to feel guilty with dirty looks the next day, and my co-workers are all actual nice people. That's pretty darn good, and more than a lot of people have.

Actually, the very first good thing of the day? Was this exchange between me & Mr. Pseudo-Husband as I was leaving for work.
Me: Today is going to be Positive Outlook Wednesday.
Him: Oh yeah? I've got an outlook for ya... Wednesday positively sucks.
No wonder I love that guy. He makes me giggle. Even at 8 a.m.


Lainey said...

You complete me. <3

I swear your tweets kept me going all day. It was like I was in a Good Mood Competition with you and I LOVED it! Did it change your attitude? My entire mood was different even though I was putting out fires left and right. Do you think you'll try it again next week?

Spender said...

Ms. Bobainey's comments are right on, as the hip youngun's like to say. Your tweets made my day as well; between the two of you and Eyvi, I didn't fall into full-on Whiney Mode all day. I am all for it being a weekly event.