Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If I love you Wednesday, What is that to you?

Oh, hello, Gentle Reader. What a splendid day it is to have a No Whining Wednesday, wouldn't you say?

But Wednesday isn't what I'm going to tell you about right now. Let me tell you about my Tuesday, in food: I started off with a healthy breakfast of oatmeal, accompanied by a delightful cup of cinnamon-hazelnut coffee. Around 11:30 or so, I started to get a bit hungry, so I had a lovely snack of cauliflower with a little bit of sour cream to dip it in. Delicious, and nutritious! Now, before I move on to the afternoon feeding frenzy, let me tell you a little something about the company I work for: they are all about employee morale. Not just in a superficial way, either; they genuinely care about their employees and want us to be happy. Now, there are kind of a lot of us, so instead of every person's birthday being celebrated with a cake &c., we have a "Cake Day" once a month to celebrate everyone's birthday that falls in that month. Yesterday was cake day. Now, often, everyone will get together and chip in for a birthday person's lunch on their actual birthday (or thereabouts). So, yesterday turned out to also be lunch day for LK, who turned 40 this year. The office ordered lunch from a local deli. Now, I already had the fixin's for my daily peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread, but I said "What the heck" and ordered a half-pound of macaroni salad. Figured I'd eat a little on the side, bring it home, have the rest for a few days. Well, here's how that actually worked: I ordered it, ate a quarter pound of it along with my peanut butter sandwich, and then ate a giant slice of birthday cake along with a brownie and some cookies that DH bakes (oh she is such a good baker). Then, I went home from work. I was pretty tired, and I didn't feel like cooking anything, so instead I had a bowl of BooBerry cereal. That's not terribly filling, though, so I was still kinda hungry (I'm not really sure how). So, I finished off the macaroni salad. Then I ate a bunch of Cheetos. Unsurprisingly, I had to put on my big pants this morning. Also, I feel a little bit nauseous. I love my job.

In other birthday-related news, this weekend is my baby sister's 30th birthday. My tiny, preemie baby sister, born at four-and-a-half pounds with a heart murmur. The wee little thing whose diapers I changed, who I fed bottles too, whose ticklish spots I discovered (her neck and her knees. She makes the cutest little giggly snort when you tickle her neck). The first time I touched her was in an incubator at the hospital, a plastic case with holes in the sides and big rubber glove things you stuck your hands in. She made it through, obvs, and she's officially a grownup now. (This also puts all four of us sibs in the same decade, agewise, at least for a year and a couple of months until I ruin it for another 8 years by turning 40.) So, we'll be having a lovely famerly BBQ on Sunday, and there will be much wine and merriment. I love my family. They're all kind of crazy, you know, but who isn't? And they're *my* kind of crazy, so they get me. My sisters are made of pure awesome. I might be a little in love with them.

Anyway, that's my week right now, and where I'm at on the happy scale. Fat and in love with my family. I think it's a pretty good way to be. It's about lunchtime now, and I'm going to the diner today with my boss. She said something about grilled cheese and soup, and that sounds just ambrosial right about now. Off I go then! Happy No Whining Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

but why put a preemie in such an awful hoopy gown? she looks like a cake. a very gaudy cake.

also, true story: in the early 90s, i called general mills and asked if booberry was available to purchase in my area. the customer service lady looked up my region in her computer, tracked the shipping, verified the receipient and then Flat Out Told Me she could NOT give me the whereabouts it was sold in new orleans. like it was a goddamned federal secret.

i shit you not. you enjoy those booberries. there are families in the lower 9th ward who have none.

Lainey said...

This post made me very happy for you and kinda' jealous that your work is so awesome! Then gp made me sad that the Booberry Po-Po wouldn't give up the 411. DOES KANYE KNOW ABOUT THIS???

Eyvi Sprite said...

Mmmm, cake. I am flat out jealous that your work is so awesome, no kinda about it. Although today was a great day at work as far as work goes.

Fun Fact: I am eating cereal right now! Not for supper, but for a snack (it's 9:20 pm, I am SO going to regret this later)! It's Oatmeal Crisp Maple Nut. It's nummy.

Anna von Beaverplatz said...


(Wait... did Lainey just say, "Give up the 411"? Hee.)

Oatmeal Crisp Maple Nut sounds FANTASTIC. Honestly, though, I think anything with the word "maple" somewhere in it is FANTASTIC.

Anonymous said...

admin in a only a maple leaf.

there's a poster for the dorm walls.