Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mid-weekend update: Tattoo fever!

So. As many of you may know, I have a single tattoo. Some of you may even have seen it. Well, I'm in the market for .... well, frankly, at least 7 more. I have a number of ideas, though no clear ones. Except for this one: I watched Strictly Ballroom again today, and remembered how much I'd like a tattoo of the phrase, "A life lived in fear is a life half-lived". My problems are these: I need to figure out where to put it, and if necessary, how to split the line; I need to figure out if I want it in English or as in the film ("Vivir con miedo es como vivir a medias", although I'm pretty sure I'll go with English); and I need a font.

I spent several hours online today searching fonts, and I found a few that could work. I think my favorite thus far is this one. It's not too fancy but not too plain, it's legible, and it's light. It looks pretty in English and in Spanish. It's very much akin to handwriting, which I like; I have considered an Edwardian script or something like it, but I'm not sure I want something that ... neat. I think I'd prefer it a little messy, a little imperfect, kind of like life. I also liked this one, which is a bit cleaner (though still a little pitted), yet kind of old-fashioned, like something you'd find in a sailor's diary from the mid-18th century. I sort of liked this one, but the more I look at it, the more it reminds me too much, I think, of those greeting cards that are supposed to be real emotions, or something. I don't know. Too Hallmark-esque, I think. I looked at a bunch of the "Gothic" styles, but they're very heavy, and I don't think they work with the sentiment. Naturally, I've thought about using my own handwriting, but I don't know that I like it well enough to wear it forever on my body, or if it's the style that I want. I'm not particularly artistic like that. I also need to decide if I actually want to capitalize all the words (i.e. A Life Lived in Fear is a Life Half Lived), or stick with lowercase; I like the idea of capitalizing for fancier-ness, but it's not terribly realistic. On the other hand, who the hell needs "realistic" in a tattoo? And what does that even mean?

As for location, oh dear. That's why it took me until I was 35 to get my first one: deciding where to put it. I wound up deciding on lower back (yeah, I know, shut up) because it's easily covered up (no, it really is; only girls that wear hooker clothes can't keep it covered, and I don't wear hooker clothes. Often). I am thinking of down my side, but closer to my armpit or closer to my hip? I am also considering my upper back, right below my neck, which would then necessitate a split. How would I split the line then? A life lived in fear/is a life half lived, or A life lived in fear is a/life half lived? I feel like it would be too ...even the first way. Unless I have the top line start a bit to the left of center and the bottom line a bit to the right. I'm not completely against the even way, I'm just not sure. Another option, and one I love, is the inside of my forearm, though I wear a lot of short sleeved/sleeveless items in the summer. Do I care that much? I'm not sure. If I did this, it would go from elbow to wrist, I do know that much. I could also do it on the top of my foot, somehow, though I don't know how I would work that. I could also do it in a spiral, but I think I like that idea less. I thought of doing it around my ankle, like an anklet, but I think I'm pretty "feh" on that one. Also, I don't think the handwriting-y font would work that way. It'd have to be something neater and more even. I think the font depends in part on the location, generally; like if I were to put it down my side, I'd go with the first one I linked above, while on my forearm, I think I'd be more likely to choose the second. I'd also more likely choose lowercase lettering on my forearm, but capitalization down my side.

So, as you can see, I probably won't be getting this for a while. Clearly I'm not ready yet. I'd kind of like to make these decisions, though, so that I'm prepared should the opportunity arise for me to get it. And I'd like the opportunity to arise soon. Meanwhile, help a girl out! Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? Despise one, or all, of the ones I've come up with? By all means, weigh in! There are sure to be pictures once I finally do it. If that's, y'know, an incentive for ya.


Anonymous said...

capitalizing words is waaay over-rated.

i mean, i *know* where the shift key is, goddamn it! i'm just lazy. you wouldn't hate on e.e. cummings for this shit, would you?! fuckin bitch!!

ok, wait, what were we talking about? oh, yeah, tats. get a skull with a snake coming out its eyesocket and the word "magnesium" in a banner.

when ppl ask about it, hit them in the nose with a tire-iron. that'll teach 'em!

i hope this was helpful to you. please rate my advice at idon'

Lainey said...


I think you should get, "Nothing can bother me today, I've got my 'happy face' on!" Or simply, "Tina Sparkle!"

No, I have nothing constructive to offer. I do love the phrase you selected and I love Fran, Just Fran. That is all.

Rusty said...

This may be one of those places where I come off conceited, but I've been told by a few people that I have really nifty handwriting, so if you want I could write that phrase out a couple different ways and send you a picture to give you an alternative to fonts.

I don't have any tattoos. I keep thinking up some and then losing interest before I go through with them, which is probably for the best.

Sarah said...

I have a word on the inside of my left wrist. You may not run into as many problems as I did, but my veins are very close to the surface and I have small wrists and it was a GIGANTIC hassle finding an artist who could do small lettering over a buncha veins. So if you choose forearm or foot, you'll want to have your artist look at the skin there before you get into the nitty gritty of size and font.

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Haha! You guys are awesome.

(Although the tire iron thing is pretty good. I might just start doing that anyway. Just because.)(also, i don't know about you, but i am no e.e. cummings, my friend.)

Lainey, I also thought about "No New Steps!!" Hee! I love Fran. She's the only character in the film who's fearless. I love that effing movie too!

Genny, that would be super awesome! (Also, I don't think it's conceited to think you have good handwriting. Either you do or you don't, it's got nothing to do with conceit.) I also don't want it to *look* like a font, you know? That was why I liked that first one so much, because it looks more like handwriting. Anyway, yes please!

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Oooh, "a word"... you're so mysterious, Ms. SarinaPants!

P.S. "mysterious" = "sessy".

Thanks for that info, I will bear it in mind. I feel like my skin is kind of thin, maybe. Not in the metaphorical "thin-skinned", sensitive sense, but in the literal, "skin like tissue paper" sense.

Anonymous said...

"skin like tissue paper"

that just creeped me out.
maybe because it hits too close to the bone. as a november 30th person, i am thin-skinned and reactive. no shit, really. look it up!

also, that rusty: so conceited!

Deistbrawler said...

Have you seen my written tattoos? Go look at facebook.

You can work with your artist when it comes to splitting the words. I find that the rib cage is one of the sexiest places for a woman to get a tattoo. But...I have also seen where they wrap the words below the left breast, into the cleavage, and under the right breast. Basically think your bra line.

Just an idea.

replica said...

Hmmm...I like the first font (until I see Genny's work) because it has a lot of lyrical energy to it (I'm an edumacated art scab, sorry for the pretentious verbiage). I like the capitalization because it creates a visual rhythm. All lower case would fall a bit flat - the lower case of any inorganic font is too uniform when used in a long sentence in my opinion.

Have you considered having it written down the side of your spine? Like, when you are lying on your left side it will read properly from nape to...oohlala, however far it goes, I suppose.

It may be a hassle to hide in backless or halter type shirts, but if you keep the lightweight font, it could be a very pretty peek-a-boo. Like a cool necklace accent that hangs down your back?

Clearly, I am now invested in the outcome. I'll need an eventual photo.

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Ty, I did look at yours. I like your forearm ones, though I would want it written horizontally rather than vertically as yours are (but still from elbow to wrist, if you understand my meaning). If I do that, I'll use something like the second font I linked, and probably lowercase- I think that one looks odd with the caps, but would be a nicer fit there. The one on your back is cool, but would be a bit huge for me. My niece-in-law suggested splitting it thusly: "A life lived in fear/is a life/half lived", on three lines, which I think would work nicely there. I don't like the bra line idea for me, though I agree that would be tres sexy on the right person.

Rep, I hadn't thought of down the spine like that. I like it. Definitely something to consider. And honestly, I don't wear anything backless. I am, as they say, a woman of a certain age, and it would be, as they say, grody, as well as inappropriate. Of course, that would also make it more difficult to show off. Would you mind if I emailed you a pic of my nekkid back and arm and had you superimpose some stuff on there? I'd offer to pay you, but I'm poor, so I totally understand if you don't wanna. Also, I enjoy pretentious verbiage, so no worries. (Watch out for that gp character, though. He's very judgmental about stuff like that.)

Speaking of, gp, I adore you, sugar. You make me giggle like nobody's business.

replica said...

Okay AVB - I'm gonna hit you up on FB with my real email. I'd be happy to Po'Shop your ideas on so you get an idea of what you'de be getting into.

The Management said...

I am also getting a second tattoo but I know exactly what I want and I have a pretty good idea of where. I've always like tattoos that are in unusual places. By that I mean rib cage, shin, cleavage (as Mr. Deist put it) but that's just preference. Put it someplace dirty then take pictures.

Eyvi Sprite said...

I don't have a tattoo yet. Note the yet. I will get one. I just want to make sure I will be happy with it. I like the first font the best so far and the ribcage idea. I will reserve judgement though until you share the Pajibettes contributions to your font search and tattoo location.

Anonymous said...

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