Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday, again, already? Again?

Ahh, Wednesday. You know, some Wednesdays are harder than others to do this whole non-whining thing. But that's good, right? Challenges are good. It's good to see what we can overcome (wow, that sounds dramatic). I mean, it's good to realize that I can take charge of my reactions to things. It's not so much about being thankful for the good parts, it's learning to react gracefully to the bad parts. So, for instance, this morning, instead of wailing and gnashing my teeth about the traffic on my way to the convenience store, I could have gracefully made the decision to go a slightly different way, and just accept the holdup I had to sit through either way. Whining about it didn't change the fact that the traffic was bad, but it changed my attitude; it made me feel stressed and angry, when I could have made an effort to be calm about it, accept it, and listen to a couple of extra songs on the radio. Instead of whining that I got no sleep, I will push through the day and not snap at people, and make sure I get to bed early tonight. Instead of whining about how hot and sticky it is, I will realize that it's summer, and it's supposed to be hot and sticky, and once I get out of my air conditioned office, I will find ways to cool down, such as a delightful gin and tonic. Mmm, crisp! I will control my reactions. I will accept things gracefully. Now that's empowering!


Luckily, on the highway, I got to see two things that made me feel more cheerful: a hawk took off from the median right next to my car, so I could see his hawk belly and his little hawk pantaloons and his hawky face up close. Then, almost to the end of my commute, there was a heron on the median of the off-ramp. Lovely, graceful things, all long and slender and white. That helps. I love birds. They're amazing.

Well, I suppose that since I'm at work I should finish this blogitty thing off and, I don't know, do some work. I've got a fun new spreadsheet to build (no, really, I actually do love building spreadsheets... I'm an Excel nerd) and bunches of other stuff to do before my vacation in a couple of weeks, so let's get cracking! Adieu, and happy No Whining Wednesday!


Lainey said...

I know this sounds cheesy, but seriously, you inspire me! Your enthusiasm and humor and ability to always find the positive really inspires me to:

a) keep going with No Whining Wednesdays even when the *only* thing I want to do is whine and

b) to be more enthusiastic, humorous and positiver than you because I'm a competitive little bitchface!

PS: Hawk pantaloons - Heeeheehee!

Anna von Beaverplatz said...

Aw, but you're the cutest competitive little bitchface ever!

Seriously, hawks are so cool, not the least of which because they have those feathers that kind of extend down their legs lookin' like pantaloons. I want to put little cowboy hats on them sometimes. Except they'd probably try to chew my face off.

Spender said...

Nah, it doesn't really exist but wouldn't it be greatness? For some reason, Cowboy hats seem... right, y'know?